Monday, July 5, 2010

Parade Day!

I figured that I should probably get caught up with what has been going on here before we have our new arrival and all of life starts to revolve around baby! I guess that life is already revolving around him but you know what I mean.
On the 3rd we (Faith) participated in the annual 4th of July parade. It was really fun! We got tshirts, banners, signs, a ton of people and walked/rode in the parade. I guess it has been awhile since Faith has participated in the parade but we put in a good showing at least! We placed first in the religious float category. I am pretty sure that it had to do with the good use of the theme of the parade, HEROES. We were Heroes of Faith. :)

I rode in the truck and waved at everyone. It was nice to be out and I was really glad that I didn't miss anything.
After the parade we ran over to the Depot for the Gooseberry Festival and a pie and ice cream fundraiser. We had some delish rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream and brought home a jar of gooseberry jam. YUM! As soon as that was over, Joe dropped me off at home and took the kids over to the Firefest activities where they apparently had a total blast if the pictures are any indication. They were all beet red and exhausted when they came home.

Fun day. EVERYONE collapsed early!


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