Monday, July 26, 2010


A big Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Joe just turned 30! We had a really fun day.
Josh and Ruthie pulled in a little after 6 am. Matt, Christie, Josh, Madeline, and Lauren got here later in the afternoon.
We all had little different things going on during the day. The Wagners, Johnny and I had a game of Settlers going for awhile until lunch preparations interrupted the game. When Matt and Christie arrived the pool became the big attraction for the kids. Joe, Gary, Dan, Matt, and Jake were all participating in the building of a train table for Jake. Ruthie and Josh treated us all to some tasty mango lassi (a delish Indian drink). We had a wonderful smoked pork roast with other sides and such for dinner and then when all the kids were down we played a little Apples to Apples. It was a really nice day. We had such a nice time visiting and catching up.
IMG_0523 Settlers
IMG_0525 Just a little pencil.
IMG_5813Lauren, the mermaid.
IMG_5830 Banana going down the slide her favorite way.
IMG_5832Madeline LOVES holding babies! I think she needs another little sibling. :)
IMG_5841 Riding the 4 wheeler while waiting for a chance to help with the table.
IMG_5848 Big helper. Separate post on this later…
IMG_5876 With his Gramma.
IMG_5871 The two Matthew Dapelos.
IMG_5865The men, trying to finish dinner in the smoker in the pouring rain. Clearly they are having a little too much fun! :)


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