Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today we had an enjoyable afternoon. Right after church we had a bike-a-thon to try and raise money for pastors in Africa to buy bikes. They have to visit so many congregations every week because there are so few pastors that we decided to fundraise to purchase bikes for these pastors. We surpassed our goal! It was so exciting to see the people that came for the event. We even had some visitors attend.


Getting ready to go.














Even the kids participated. There was a course set up in the parking lot for the kids to go through. Hannah enjoyed the bubbles and chalk more than the course.














Jake is way at the end, ahead of Lily. He eventually decided that it was more fun to pick up the cones and put them in the basket and create his own course than to ride the one that was laid out already. Matthew spent the day going from willing arms to more willing arms.


Coming back! Good job guys!


Someone got a little tired! Just in case you were wondering where the almost 4-year old was. Just look in the baby seat!


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