Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have struggled for awhile to try to figure out the most effective and realistic way to handle the kids chores. The balance between expecting too much of them and not expecting enough has been hard to figure out. I found an article done by Focus on the Family that talked about age-appropriate chores that I found interesting so I have tried to go off of their list for the most part and have added in ones that I feel are important as well.

Hannah (almost 2)
Assist in making her bed. (She loves to rearrange her animals and dolls)
Pick up playthings with supervision (Her favorite part is to rearrange all of the shoes in the closet.)
She picks up all the laundry off the floor in the bathroom and will throw it all in the hamper.
She will help clean up anything that she spills.
The list from Focus on the Family said "dust" but I treasure my things too much. She helps by holding the dustpan when I sweep instead.
Sets the table with her siblings.
Brush teeth
Clears dishes off the table.

Jacob (almost 4)
He does all the above plus:
Gets dressed alone.
Helps to clean out the car when needed.
Helps with meal prep.
Helps at the grocery store by putting things into the cart or onto the counter.
Helps to sort the laundry into piles.
Hangs up towels in the bathroom.
Helps sweep.

Lily (5)
All of the above plus:
Combs out hair before I do it.
Chooses all her own clothes and gets ready for school independently.
Writes thank you notes and letters with help.
Helps with vacuuming.
Helps put away her laundry once it is clean.
Helps unload the dishwasher.
Helps out with dinner.

Now that I have all this figured out the challenge is what to do for a chore chart. None of them are really old enough to have one that they have to read and the thought of figuring out how to do pictures for all of these chores is a little daunting.
I have seen so many cute ideas out there in cyberspace. It is just a matter of doing one myself now.
More to come later.


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