Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday 13

Thirteen things I love about living in a small town.

1. Our water tower has a smiley face on it.

2. When the plants in the planters hanging from the lamp posts look thirsty guess who waters them? The fire trucks.

3. Today, when we were at the park and Jake got LOTS of sand kicked into his eye I ran across the street to our doctors office and he cleaned it out. Just like that. (FYI- He, the dr., said that it was the most sand he had ever seen in a kids eye. And that was after I cleaned it with a bottle of water first. They even had to numb it!)

4. At Walmart today I ran into 3 people that I know. We had lengthy discussions and there was baby passing involved. LOVE it.

5. Good news. Nothing happens here that I won’t know about regarding my oldest deviant. Her kindergarten teacher is a relative of a member. Love it.

6. If I am out and have to go to the bathroom there is usually someone around that I know that will watch my kids so that I can do it in peace. Seriously. You do not even understand how much I miss that moment of privacy.

7. Matthew had to get blood drawn the other day and sure enough…the woman that drew it was someone that I know. So much nicer than the random stranger stabbing my child. It makes it less awful.

8.When this happened! It could have been much more awful. Truly. Much.

9. While I am not completely complacent, I don’t worry too much about my kids playing outside. There are crazy people everywhere but when you know a lot of people around (and they know your kids) there are a lot more eyes watching.

10. I have been introduced to many different kinds of machinery. Most of them very large and all of them could kill you in a moment. How is this a good thing you might ask? Broadened horizons baby. Broadened horizons. I know all kinds of things I never knew before!

11. At McDonalds, they know what I want. I don’t know if it is indicative of me being there too much or just that they remember things more clearly. Whatever. I think it is funny!

12. When going for a walk every single person you walk by sitting on their porch or driving in a car will wave hello. Do not underestimate how nice that is. When you are having a bad/stressful day and someone that you don’t know smiles and waves it is such a little pick me up. Trust me. I know.

13. When you leave you car door open over night you have no less than 4 people let you know the next day that you did. See. Everybody knows. :)

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