Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday 13

Thirteen things I love about fall.

1. These colors. Truly. Love it.


2. The leaves changing on the trees. They are just starting and I can’t wait until all of them are like this.


3. The cooler weather means scarves, sweaters, sweatshirts, slippers and long sleeves. Did you know that my absolute favorite item of clothing is a long sleeved white tshirt? Honestly. When the sleeves are so long that you can hold the end in your hand. ::sigh:: Love.

4. Things like chili, soup, and warm drinks are on the menu. You know. Comfort stuff.

5. Going on walks in the crisp but not cold air. I love it when I can go for a walk and not have sweat rolling down my back. That is my idea of a good time.

6. Blankets. Need I say more?

7. Fall decorations. We were just at the Wisdaps and they had all their fall stuff out. So fun. I am totally inspired now. Thanks Christie!

8. The fact that Christmas is just around the corner. 92 days people!

9. Halloween. I love it. Not the scary bats and ghouls but getting the kids dressed up and seeing a lot of the members of the church while we trick or treat. Plus, Jake isn’t a big fan of chocolate so that means that I am going to be eating it. :) That is a love and hate scenario.

10. Got the Pottery Barn ad yesterday and I have to say that all of the beautiful natural decor got me all fired up too. Leaves, twigs, burlap, pumpkins gourds. ::sigh:: Be still my beating heart. I love it all.

11. Pumpkin patches. Usually I try to find one around the middle to end of October for us to go to. It can be a stressful experience. This year we did pumpkins in the park and it was much better. Totally low key. Cheap but good food. Bounce houses. Pumpkins. All the proceeds benefitting local merchants. What isn’t to love?

12. I know this is a little weird. Christmas carols. I love that the Christmas carols start early. I could actually listen to them all year. There is just something about Christmas music. Anyone out there agree with me? I know I am a little nuts.

13. Candles. Yes, I know that you can burn candles any time of the year but seriously. Don’t you agree that candles are much more cozy in the fall and winter? I do. Can’t wait to pull out the fun scents. These are from Bath and Body Works. I discovered them last year.  Mmmmmmm. Love them.

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