Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday 13

Here we are again. This week it has been really hard to think of something to write about. There is no creativity right now people! I have been cleaning, organizing, sneezing etc. all week.

So, with no further ado. The topic is “things I accomplished”.

1. Garage. It was nasty. You do not want to see the picture. Nuff said.

2. All the laundry. All!

3. Repacking boxes out in the garage of keepsakes from Bangladesh, EGHS, and RHS. Crazy memories. Fun times.

4. Speaking at a church Monday night. They wanted to know what it was like to be a missionary kid. I would like to know what it was like to not be one. :) It went great by the way! Thanks to all who helped with suggestions and input.

5. Going through all the rest of the clothes that I didn’t go through while on bedrest. I thought I was done and they just keep coming. Beware Ruthie, there are 3 more garbage bags coming your way. Come get them. :)

6. FINALLY! I got all the thank you cards and pictures mailed out. Also threw in a package for my parents in Alaska.

7. Pies. Pies. Pies. 2 lemon and 1 apple.

8. Train table is all sanded. YES! Paint, here we come!

9. All the pool stuff is packed away. Summer is officially done. Except for the raspberries that still persist. Also loving the apples on the tree.

10. Laundry room is all reorganized and looking good.

11. Office is getting there. It WILL be done tonight.

12. Snuggling with Matthew and Hannah. Reading books to the older three. Lots of books.

13. Spending quality time with my second mom and gramma. Priceless. :)

A big thank you goes out to Joe’s mom and gramma. They have been invaluable! Gramma has been the queen of entertaining Hannah and Matthew while Mom and I have been doing the dirty work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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