Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Found this website and decided to jump on the bandwagon. For this week I am going to do the same 13. Things that make me happy!

1. Seeing Lily get on the bus in the morning. She loves it so much and the excitement just oozes out of her.

2. Jake starting school today. He has been begging to go everyday since the orientation back in April.

3. Matthew holding onto Lily’s finger. He had a death grip! Can I just say that there is mutual adoration there?

4. Hannah wanting to cuddle with her baby. Doesn’t she look huge?

5. This man! He is the best. I don’t usually go on and on but seriously! Love him!

6. Walking. I just got some new shoes and am breaking them in. The kids LOVE going on walks!

7. This! Baby weight doesn’t just fall off you know. :)

8. These. Where have you been my entire life? I will never go back to nails unless I absolutely have to. Easy peasy. Thank you Becky Higgins.

9. Our pool. It isn’t huge. It requires air to be more than just a flat piece of unmanageable plastic. It is my lifesaver! When Lily gets home from school she has been tired and hungry. I have never been into the snack thing so giving her a snack at 3:30 when she is already the world’s pickiest eater is not something that I love doing. Since we have had the pool up the first thing she does is get in. That buys me time to get dinner on the table before she starts the litany of how she is starving to death.

10. A working internet connection. We had several days of really spotty internet. By spotty I mean nonexistent. It started working yesterday and I was able to finish a project on Shutterfly. I was also able to finish that massive vacay photo upload!

11. The dishwasher. I cleaned out the freezer and fridge the other day and had this to deal with. Thank goodness for the dishwasher. I would have been hating my life right about now without it!

12. The mocha frappe from McDonalds. Seriously. Love. It. Nuff said.

13. Office supply stores. I went into Office Max and Staples on Saturday and felt this excitement welling up. I know. Nerd. I can’t help it. There is just something about aisles and aisles of office supplies, organizational things, calendars, planners, boxes, etc. etc. Like you don’t know what is available… :) I would seriously go back to school just so that I could go shopping for stuff. It is an illness. Truly. You should have seen my binders in high school and college. True story, I used to copy my notes so that they all looked good. Don’t judge.


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