Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Watermark or Not to Watermark?

I was struck by something today. As I was checking my facebook I noticed a comment that my sister made to our cousin  about stamping her pictures with a logo. At first I was thinking why would you? If you are not a professional or semi-pro photographer who would lose money from people using their images what is the big deal? Isn't the reason that we take pictures so that we can share them with people or so that others can enjoy them as well?? I have always looked at it that way. Anytime there is a picture that I would like to print or use I have always asked and given credit. I do however realize that there are many people that do not do this. 
I started to look online to see if there was anyone on the information superhighway who felt the same way that I do. 

There is not.

Everyone is concerned about piracy and people not using their pictures. I find it so sad that we are a society in which you can't put a picture online without worrying who is going to steal it. Also in all my browsings I found multiple stories in which it was a family site that the picture was taken from. The parents found a picture of their child in a magazine. They were never contacted or anything. 

So, here is the question. 

Do I put a watermark on my pictures? 

I have no intention of making my blog a private blog. I don't want to make it that much harder for people to check. I want to be accessible without being a stupid parent. Is that too much to ask? I am also not of the opinion that I am the next Ansel Adams and that people are dying to steal my pictures. If you want them, ask me, I will email you anything that you want. I don't mind sharing. If you are my family and take things anyway, drop me a line and let me know. I love to know what you think and if you think a picture is good enough to want to take I would love to know it!

So, please, comment! Let me know your opinion on watermark or no. I am trying to make an informed decision here! :)


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