Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week in Review


IMG_1451 IMG_1448







Lily informed me that they needed to have a tea party and gave me a checklist of things that were necessary to have one. It was very specific. Juice, chocolate, sugar, and bananas. I love that little planner! :)


Look at the pudgy little baby! He is getting so big!


Hannah felt the need to decorate her face prior to taking our family picture for the church directory. Isn’t it lovely?


A big thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Lee for the shopping trip/birthday gift! She picked out this piano and we haven’t been able to leave home without it since she got it. Can I just tell you how much I love hearing Bibbity-bobbity-boo and Be Our Guest ALL DAY, every day? The batteries may mysteriously disappear one of these days. I guess the important thing is that she loves it, right? Right.



After a fun little excursion to the park we are now down a pair of shoes. She decided that it would be super fun to bury them in the sand. I walked through all of it dragging my feet and Lily was digging like a crazy person and we have yet to find them. Too bad. They were one of my favorite pairs! :( This was also the trip during which I ran Jake over to our doctors office because he got sand kicked up into his eye and I poured a whole bottle of water in and it didn’t get it all out. The doctor numbed his eye, did a saline flush and then gave us an antibiotic eyedrop. Can I just tell you how much Jake loved that? It took four of us to hold him down and get it cleaned out. Not the best moment of his life.


Soccer pictures today. Hopefully the one from the photographer turns out MUCH better than this one.


Hannah was not appreciating that she was left out of the group picture so as soon as they all scattered she sat down for her picture to be taken.

IMG_1476 IMG_1475







Same thing. She didn’t like that Lily and her friends were taking pictures without her. (The order is backwards. Sorry.)


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