Friday, October 29, 2010

25 Years

This may be a little strange but I have a confession.

I am a nail biter.

I have been a nail biter since I stopped sucking my thumb.

My mother tried EVERYTHING!!!!! to make me stop biting my nails as a kid and then later as an adult.

I have tried stopping. I don’t know why I have never been able to. I think it is because I don’t even think about it when I am doing it.

So you can understand why this…

IMG_0707 IMG_0706







is exciting to me! I have not bitten my nails since July! What is interesting is that I prefer them to be short. When they got much longer than what is pictured they start to break. How do you people with long nails keep them from breaking??

I can’t.

So, here is to kicking bad habits!  So exciting!


In other, unrelated topics…

I have been working on the costumes and they are almost totally done! Exciting.

I have gotten all three dressers that I posted on Craigslist sold. The last 2 leave my house tomorrow morning.

Joe is home safe and sound after 3 days in St Louis. I have nothing to report on that front other than we had torrential rain and tornados touching down while he was gone which resulted in the playroom getting flooded.

It’s all good now.

While he was gone a friend of ours came over to hang out while I waited for stranger #1 to show up to get the first dresser. He brought the kids some cupcakes.


How cute are these?




They were filled with green frosting. It totally upped the yum factor as well as contributing to the spookiness of the whole thing! :)


Hannah bumped her lip on something and being overly emotional since Joe was gone INSISTED that she needed a bandaid.


When we dropped Jake off at preschool his teacher did a double take and then let me know that she thought at first glance that I had taped her mouth shut! Oh, if only! :) She recovered quickly and now insists that she needs bandaids on her lip everyday because it was so much fun the first day.

So, there is a brief recap of our week. I will have lots of pictures to share of the kids in their costumes on either Sunday or Monday.

Until then, have a great weekend.


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