Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 Months

Here we are! Again!

Hard to believe that Matthew is 3 months old already. Where does the time go? It is so funny that I feel like time is racing with him and not so much with the others. I just have to assume that it is because he changes at a much faster rate.

He is so fun!!


He is VERY smiley.

IMG_6697 IMG_6694 IMG_6695 IMG_6696

He loves to blow raspberries and tries to talk all the time. He is getting more and more vocal every day.

He is starting to like toys. We have a few that hang on the carseat and he loves to grab at them.

The pacifier is a thing of the past. He loves to projectile spit it out of his mouth now.

He loves to stand up. He gets fixated on little things. When Gramma Jack was here she had lots of shirts with rhinestones on them and he would sit there and try to pick them off.

He still has hair! Love it!

He is about 14 lbs now.

He wears a size 2 diaper and is in 3-6 month clothes. If there isn’t a 6 on the size he can’t wear it. He actually has a few 6-9 mo onesies that he can wear too.

Fatty. :)

He is a GREAT sleeper. 2 hour naps, sleeping from around 8:30pm to 5:00am.

I am so excited to see what this next month holds for him!


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