Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday 13

This week is 13 things about the birthday boy, Jake. :)

  1. He has started writing his name on everything! I love seeing little scraps of paper with the backwards J staring back at me. He is so passionate about learning.
  2. He is so loving.   IMG_0377
  3. He has an addiction. I know. Some might say that it is a little young but it has begun already. He LOVES computer games. And video games.
  4. When he talks to you he has to have your undivided attention. If he doesn’t have it he will *gently* take your face in his hands and make you face him. It is a good lesson to learn.
  5. If he doesn’t get to say goodbye-complete with a hug and kiss-it is devastating.
  6. He is terrified of dogs.
  7. He likes going to the bathroom now but the wiping thing is still an issue. I have a lot of “Jacob! Why are you naked in the kitchen?” moments.
  8. He loves getting his hair cut. Maybe not during the haircut but he likes it short. This makes me happy. Maybe it will continue into his teenage years?? IMG_0297
  9. Loud noises and strong smells do not make him happy. Usually I get “That doesn’t smell good to my nose” when we go into any public bathroom.
  10. He talks. And talks. And talks. When he is done, he talks some more. It doesn’t ever stop!
  11. Cleaning is “boring to me mom!”
  12. The train table is like Christmas morning. He loves it! He loves trains!
  13. He is becoming a big kid. I find daily that he is saying, learning, and doing things that I didn’t know he knew. I love watching him grow. I don’t look at him and miss things he did…I look forward to the new with so much anticipation. He is growing before my eyes and I am scared to miss anything!

Happy 4th birthday Jacob. I love you so much!

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