Saturday, October 16, 2010

Train table

Jake has been wanting a train table “just like the one at the bookstore” for the longest time. Imagine his excitement when Papa came for Matthew’s baptism ready to build him one. He was so excited and has been involved with the process from the very beginning. He helped his Papa and Daddy build it and helped his Gramma paint it. They have been working on it this week while she was visiting and it is almost totally finished. We will have to post a picture once it is all set up in his room. There may be some little extra things done to it over time but for now it is built, sanded, painted, and sealed. :)
He is so excited!
 IMG_0526 IMG_5836 IMG_5846 IMG_5856
And painting…
IMG_0389 IMG_0390  IMG_0388 IMG_0386
And the finished product…
 IMG_0586 IMG_0585


He loves it so much! We will probably do a little extra stuff on it eventually but for right now it is ready!


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