Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

The kids had a lot of fun trick or treating yesterday. We decided to scrap the traditional door to door and just focus on houses that belonged to members of the church. So, it made for more time in the nice warm car and some visiting and playing with toys along the way.


Here is Lily as Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham. She was so excited!


Jake as the Cat in the Hat. He was a little unhappy that I didn’t include a tail on his costume but I think he was ok with it. He asked if he could wear his hat every day and if he could sleep in his bow tie.


Hannah as Cindy Loo Who. She was so perfect! Unfortunately she collided with Jake in the hallway the day before and her tooth went through her lip and she damaged her nose somehow. It is all swollen and starting to bruise.


Of course we can’t forget Matthew. He went as Thing 1. Isn’t he a cute little bugger?

It was so fun to get them all ready and see them running up to the doors. They got a really good stash of candy too. There were a lot of people giving out chocolate, which I love and Jake doesn’t.


So, here we all are. Joe is a pastor (smirk), I am super mom (aka, don’t want to dress up), and the kids are all Seuss inspired. It was a fun night. Freezing, but fun.


Lily with one of her friends Ariel. Most of the year she goes by the name Natalie. :) She was excited to see her in our wanderings.

A big thank you goes out to Sarah for trick or treating with us on her last year trick or treating. She was a huge help, running with the kids from door to door and carrying Hannah when she got whiny about being left behind.


So, Halloween down, Thanksgiving to go. The countdown to Christmas continues…


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