Sunday, November 14, 2010

This and That #3

daily system4 daily system1








So, I have been eyeing this system for a LONG time now. I keep waiting for that perfect spot to put it all.

I love the idea of having everything all in one place that is accessible without being too obvious. Ideally, if we ever have an office that is a little more centrally located than off of the laundry room or in the basement I would like to have it there but I can settle for in the right kind of kitchen.

Also, how easy it would be to reproduce some of these pieces myself. The whiteboards would be the easiest. A permanent marker, a ruler, and vinyl lettering and it would be done. So fun. The pegboard would be easy too. An old bulletin board out of the frame and a piece of linen, maybe some twill tape. Instant success. I want to say that it would be easy to do the magnetic boards too but I haven’t looked into where metal sheeting is available or how much it would be. The magnetic canisters are available anywhere, IKEA would be my first choice because everything is so affordable there.

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I just love that they are so versatile. You can build the wall to your needs. What works for me now might not be what will work for me in a few years so it is nice that it is easily customized.

kitchen inspiration

How pretty. I find myself gravitating towards the white or neutral palettes right now. It just looks so inviting. Wouldn’t you love this in your kitchen?

thankful garland tatertots and jello

I found this garland over at Tatertots and Jello. I love this blog because it is just full of inspiration. I have a huge list of projects I want to do that I found on her site! Love it!

twig reindeer

Aren’t these cute. I love how spiky they are. Simple. Almost natural looking.

Halloween Canvas11

I think this is really cute too. I would probably not do the Halloween look because I have never been a fan of the spooky and scary but it could be so cute for other seasons. I am loving all the silhouette stuff that I am finding online right now. (I don’t remember where this came from originally. I have seen it on numerous sites. If I find it again I will let you know who is responsible for this awesomeness!)

vintage lockers

Lastly, vintage inspired lockers. With numbers. Sigh. I need a mudroom.

*Everything shown is from the Pottery Barn catalog online unless I have credited someone else specifically.*


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