Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday 13

I came across this list from Log Your Memory and decided it was perfect for today. Here we go.

1. The last significant purchase I made was plane tickets to California. I had to take a deep breath before we hit purchase. It was a big deal.

2. The top three things on today’s priority list are packing, laundry, and playing with the kids. Seriously. I have been putting them off for the “more important” things to do. Hello!! What could be more important?

3. My favorite thing to drink this time of year is cider. I love it. In moderation. I don’t ever buy it but it is always fun to drink it while out and about. Also, pomegranate 7up. It is only available during the holiday season and I love it. Kind of like raspberry schwepps. I loved that stuff while pregnant with Lily. (Did I mention that I very rarely drink soda? It is a special treat!)

4. My fondest childhood memory involving this time of year is This is a stumper. I remember so many things about my childhood but not specifically this time. I am going to generalize to the Christmas season and say that the caroling and dancing with friends was some of the most fun that we had. The crazy rush on Christmas Eve when we were going to open “just one gift, Dad” and ended up with a pile of opened presents 2 hours later. The food. Freezing to death after one of the infamous bucket showers in the Auliapur house and running out of the bathroom and dad blow drying our hair before bed. Watching Mama choke down “just one more” sunum pitha (a very dense, very awful after the first 30 bread that that is fried in oil and served with puffed rice at Christmas) and acting like it is the best one that she ever ate. You eat at least 3 at every house you visit during the holiday season and you visit everyone you know. All that adds up to wanting to sleep for a month afterwards.

5. The temperature outside lately has been cold. Not Alaska cold but about 35*. I need a coat now.

6. My favorite way to relax right now is to sleep. True. I am so tired that as soon as I sit down to read, work on pictures, whatever…I fall asleep right away.

7. My wish list right now includes Nikon D3000 or the Canon XS. Love them both. Either would be fabulous.

8. The messiest room in my house right now is the office and laundry room. The result of focus on every other room in the house leads to crazy mess in the office (thank you children) and the laundry mess that I have to tackle. Bravely.

9. Lately most of the reading I’ve done has been the Fablehaven books. I know they are for “young” readers but I think that I like them as much as the Harry Potter books, maybe a little more!

10. The last time I saw a movie that I really enjoyed was I don’t remember the last movie that we went to so I am going to have to go with High School Musical 3. Loved it. Still love it. Don’t judge.

11. Today’s delivery from the mailman included junk mail, catalog for Joe, not much else.

12. I always know the holidays are near when the Christmas music starts playing and the light posts along main street have all the Christmas baskets and lights. So pretty.

13. One thing I really wish I could change right now is nothing. I am actually really happy right now. Yes, I am frazzled with the craze of moving but I wouldn’t want it to be over because that would mean that our time here is already done and I am relishing every moment right now with friends.

14. Five moments I’d really like to capture through photos this year are… This is a hard one because I am really into the little things now instead of the major “traditional” photo ops. I would have to say that one thing that I really want to accomplish next year (starting in January) is to take a family picture every month. Not necessarily all formally posed. Maybe set the timer and read a family book? I don’t know yet. :)

15. The scents I am most aware of right now are cleaning supplies. The whole house smells of bleach. I am still trying to get things disinfected after our awful bout with the plague.

16. The last thing that really made me giggle was Matthew’s giggle. Is there anything sweeter than a baby laughing? I love it. He is in such a funny stage now.

17. One year ago I was getting madly ready for Ruthie’s wedding. This post was up on the 16th of November, 2009.

18. The best meal I’ve eaten recently was buttermilk pancakes last night. I love them. So tasty. I don’t make them too often so when we have them it is really fun.

19. A news headline that caught my attention recently was any one of the reports on the TSA and the use of the scanners or pat downs. CNN did a piece on it.

20. I would probably describe the “sounds of the season” as kids laughing, Christmas music, that perfect evening of quiet when the snow is coming down outside and you are inside, nice and warm with candles lit, watching. (Don’t judge the punctuation or sentence structure, my brain isn’t working.)

21. One thing I’d like to do differently this holiday season is relax. I find that after everything is done I always look back and feel like I forgot to do so many things that I wanted to do.

22. My most comfy clothes right now include the same things that I always put. Some kind of soft pants, a t-shirt with long sleeves, a sweatshirt, and socks or slippers. Love it.

23. It just wouldn’t feel like the holidays without without the traditional food. Is it strange that food is what I consider to be one of the most memorable parts of Christmas? Or any holiday for that matter?

24. A tradition that really means a lot to me is one that I have never been able to initiate with my own family. I remember we would sit at my great-grandma Boe’s house on Christmas Eve and after everyone was done with food my grandma would sit down at the piano and we would all sing Christmas carols. I LOVE it. I have always wanted to do it with my own family. Insert excuses…I don’t play piano. The kids are all little and can’t join in. We are always too busy with dinner prep and church to actually sit and sing. Etc etc. Maybe someday.

25. I am most looking forward to all of the exciting changes that are coming our way. Looking forward and dreading at the same time if that makes any sense at all.

Note #1. If you are visiting my blog and don’t know me you are probably confused by the answer to #4. I am a missionary kid. We lived in Bangladesh from the time I was one until I was 16 years old. Lots of fun stories. Lots of crazy memories and experiences. Ask me about it. It’s a fun story. :)

Note #2. I am linking up to Thursday 13. As usual. Join in the fun.

Note #3. I know that there are more than 13 things. Don’t be a hater. :)


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