Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas program

We had the Christmas program here at Prince of Peace. I will warn you. There are A LOT of pictures of Jake because I want to share the laughs that I was having that night.


First, the whole group. Lily was an angel. She did pretty well. She had a little bit of an attention situation where she would flap her angel robe around, grab her necklace etc…



As you can tell from these pictures.

However. NOTHING, nothing compares to how funny Jacob was…


IMG_1265 IMG_1266












I think he just punched himself in the face and then got winded. Probably from singing Gloria in Excelsis. He looks a little tired.


Just a little wave for his adoring public.I can hear his little voice now… “Hi mom. Look, I am waving at you in the middle of my Christmas program because I can see you taking pictures of me.”

IMG_1267 IMG_1268













Too cool with his hands in his pockets. Wait, I have a close-up.IMG_1277IMG_1274












And, last but not least…concern for how the hair looks. It’s a big deal. Don’t knock the value of perfectly spiked hair.    























Hannah spent the entire time sleeping in my arms until the very end when I finally got smart and put her into Matthew’s carseat. He was off getting love from someone in the congregation.

So, I am thinking that we will do some practicing next year to learn how to stand quietly during parts that we have no role.


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