Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 22nd


So sweet. It was so wonderful to see them meet for the first time yesterday.


We spent the evening reminiscing about all of the antics that we got into as kids. Clearly my mom thought we were funny! She was dying!

Josh and Ruthie arrived today. It was nice to have the family all together finally!


Josh with the baby. He (the baby) got so much love-ing time with EVERYONE! I will be breaking him of the desire to be held constantly for the next month!













Jake and his godmother. Just a little snuggle. Lily enjoying her ice cream.


Rice and curry feast!


Casey’s first experience with Rice and Curry. She even ate it with her hands! :)


I had to put in this ice cream picture. What is a visit from the Lee’s without ice cream at least one night?


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