Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23rd

IMG_1331IMG_1333 IMG_1382IMG_1368 IMG_1359IMG_1364   

Working on sugar cookies. It was a first for both Casey and Josh!


Lily working on Russian Teacakes and sugar cookies. I don’t think she contributed as much as she ate!


Again, all the baby cuddling. My mom is an excellent multitasker, see?!?!


Someone was a little tired. Notice that she is still eating!

 IMG_1346  IMG_1257-2

We watched White Christmas and then ate some delicious Alaskan salmon! Thanks mama and daddy! Casey had to leave to go home so she opened some gifts with us before she left with Johnny.



Can I just say right now….favorite.picture.ever!

Be still my heart! I love these guys!


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