Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 27


Good morning and welcome to our street!


Construction on our basement is in full swing! Loving all the progress. Not loving that I will be painting all of this later.


IMG_7142  IMG_7094


A little playing with the new Christmas stuff. So much fun!


Slightly awkward picture. I think that they were embarrassed to keep posing like they had been.

IMG_7102 IMG_7112 IMG_7114 IMG_7117 IMG_7124 IMG_7127


All of the ladies and kids went to McDonalds for a little fun and treats while the boys headed out to get some tasty bbq at Famous Dave’s. Seriously, we spent about 2 hours there. How does that happen?

After that we said goodbye to the Wisdaps and headed home to the construction. So exciting to see it all unfolding. Have I mentioned that yet? It was all finished that night. Painting is on the schedule for tomorrow.


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