Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our first week in the new house…

IMG_1027 The kids dressed up the baby. Always a fun game. I was a little stressed when I saw that they had wrapped necklaces around his neck. Although, not as stressed as when I found Jake and Hannah sitting in front of the outlet in the living room with a metal nut picker stuck into the top one and the meat thermometer stuck into the bottom one. Can you say heart attack!??! I can only assume that God was protecting them from getting electrocuted. After making sure that they were alive I knocked them out of the outlet with fear of dying myself and then proceeded to plot ways to kill them myself for scaring me so badly. I may or may not have just gotten my first gray hair! No pictures of that. Sorry.


The brothers after the 49er/Packer game. We went up our first weekend here so that they could go. Christie and I relaxed all day with the kids at home.

IMG_0997 IMG_0999 











Cereal for the chub. He LOVES it.


Matthew loves feet. Especially Hannah’s feet. Apparently there is something to a name. He is taking after his Uncle Matt and his love for baby feet for sure! :)


Also, look at this baby! He is in the beginning stages of crawling now! Beware!


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