Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bank Accounts

We had a little surprise for the kids today. We took them over to the bank because they were doing a coin grab for any kids that wanted to open a savings account. We opened one for each of them and they each got 9.99 to put in their account from the grab. Even Matthew! So, they are all a little bit richer now. Lily was quick to let me know that there were lots of things that she could buy with the money and Jake is always more inclined to save. It's funny seeing how they think from so young.

Hannah doesn't really get the whole money thing yet other than the fact that it buys her things that she wants.

Since there are no pictures of Matthew (even though he was there) I thought I would throw this one in from earlier in the day. 

Anyone want to tell the baby that he is supposed to be sleeping?


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