Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dapelo Divas!

Here is Hannah at her gymnastics class. She loved it!

She seemed very quiet and subdued. She was the perfect child. She waited patiently for her turn every time and when she was done she looked like she was going to cry. The next day she asked when she was going back. 
She LOVED it!

Then we headed off to Lily's Tap/Ballet class. Again, she loved it. She was so excited to "finally be a ballerina".

She is excited to go every week, she loves her tap shoes, and she wants to stay in her leo and tights all the time. I am so happy that one of the little girls in her class at school is also in her dance class. What are the chances of that?? I am so glad!

They were both beautiful out there. They were so excited that they were glowing! 

I love my girls.


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