Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project Life- Week 1

Here we go...
I decided to post pictures of every week. Since I don't print every week the posts may come in big chunks but I will get them up. I hope. :)

Week 1 is pretty standard. We didn't have anything fantastic going on. I am a Sunday to Saturday kind of girl so it starts on the 2nd. Fortunately I was doing this last year so the 2010 album holds January 1st.

Lily started back to school so I included her number recognition sheet. She is getting pretty good at identifying all her numbers to 100.

The first half of the week. Jake had his first day of school at Immanuel on Tuesday. He was SO excited to be back into his normal routine.

The second half of the week. We didn't have too much that was out of the everyday. Normal life...


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