Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Life- Week 2

Here we go...

The overview of the spread. Again, I inserted the weekly newsletter than comes home from school with Jacob. I think it will be fun to see the various things that they do during a random week.

First half of the week. I am missing a picture for Tuesday. I have ZERO recollection of what we did that day so I am going to have one of the kids draw an original piece of artwork to go there. I purchased some blank index cards that are the perfect size for the pockets and I keep them with all the journaling cards. That way the drawing serves as the picture and I will write about the drawing on the journaling card. I actually like to miss a few days here and there so that I can include some of these fun little things.

On the backside of the newsletter I put a drawing that Lily did of the color white for school. I love that she drew a bunch of ghosts (all saying "boo") and then wrote the word "white". She is so clever!
The other page the is second half of the week. I included a receipt from Best Buy on Saturday since we had to replace the cord for the computer that day due to baby slobber. That was kind of a downer!


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