Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Table Prayers

When I was a kid my parents taught us all table prayers in the form of songs. I have been so excited to carry on this tradition with my kids. They each have a favorite so we have had to figure out a system that allows each kid to have the opportunity to choose what they want to sing. 

Hannah: She always chooses the Bird Song. If we don't sing the bird song she will usually pout through the whole prayer and then gets punished. It's been really fun. NOT.

Jacob: He always chooses the Appleseed Song. Always. No exceptions.

Lily: Her favorite has changed a few times. Right now it is the sung version of Come Lord Jesus. She will settle for the spoken version if she has to.  

Matthew: Doesn't have a favorite yet. But, he laughs hysterically through whatever it is that we are singing. Plus, he is cute and I wanted to include his picture.

Maybe someday I will try to get them recorded while singing. It would be kind of fun to have that for them to see when they get older. :)


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