Monday, February 28, 2011


I hate being negative on this blog because that isn't who I want to be and I don't want you to have to wallow in my misery with me BUT. 

I need to wallow. 

I hope you don't mind.

We are dealing with sickness. Period.

The kids are sick, now Joe is sick. I am really tired.

Took the three little ones to the doctors office today and found out that Jake is still having breathing issues due to a bronchitis type bug. Apparently the antibiotics he was on for the bronchial pneumonia a few weeks ago did NOT do the trick. He has the added pleasure of a double ear infection that made even the doctor say "wow". Not what you want to hear. Hannah is burning it up with a fever that makes me sweat from being next to her, and Matthew is congested with FOUR teeth coming in.

Hello exhaustion. Goodbye sanity.

Hello Monday.

I promise. The next post will be more fun to read.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project Life- Week 8

Eight weeks in already!!!

The overview. No additions this week either.

The first half of the week.

The second half of the week.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Chuck!

We had a really fun evening at Chuck E Cheese. Usually going there is close to torture but it was really fun. We had a great time. Lily had a birthday party there for a friend at school but the other kids were so down about not being able to go that we decided to give them a fun little outing on the cheap. We had a ton of coupons so it ended up being a really economical dinner with LOTS of entertainment.

Lily and her friend. She was having so much fun. She came back to us after the party with about 200 tickets.

All in all, a fun Friday night!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Home Binder

There are MANY blog posts about this topic. I have seen linky parties all over the internet and I got inspired. So, without further ado....
My everything binder. The brain.

I have different categories, these just happen to be the ones that work for me. I moved all of the financial papers into a different binder so that I don't need to worry about sensitive paperwork sitting out on the counter when there are people in our home. All of the pictures below are of blank pages so that our private info stays private. Besides, the forms I use look so much nicer before they are all written on. :)

I love this monthly calendar from TomKat Studios. It is clean and fresh looking.
Also, this one from life...your way.

This one is going into the financial binder at some point. I am compiling a list of all the bills that come in and noting when they come and when they are due so that I can be ahead of the game. Don't ask me why I haven't ever done this.

I love this one for weekly calendars. 
I also include the list of all the birthdays and anniversaries in a page protector.

I am trying to keep any school stuff that comes in this section. I keep a 3-hole puncher and just punch and file right away so that the dreaded paper pile doesn't happen. I am also including stuff for Gymnastics, Dance and also Girl Scouts. 

As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than the Motivated Moms cleaning plan. It is so great. I love that I have it here and at my finger tips whenever I need it. I printed off the whole years worth and just pull out the one for the week and keep it on the fridge where I can see it. I have a little button in my sidebar that you can click to take you right to the ordering page.

I have some lists for a big spring clean type situation that I keep in page protectors. There is one for every type of room in the house (bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, storage, etc). There are check boxes that I can just use a dry erase marker with and then wipe it down when I am done.

Meal Planning
I like keeping the past plans so that I can be inspired when I am at a loss as to what to put on the list. I am up to a 3 week plan now. I love knowing exactly what we are doing for awhile. I am not too stressed about keeping to it. I like to have a plan but if something comes up I don't mind doing a little adjusting. I have my blank shopping lists there too.

These inventories are awesome.

Shopping list.

I also have a cheat sheet that tells you how long things should/can be frozen for. I have found things in the very back too many times that I question.

I have moved everything to a new binder now. I have a sheet that I am working on updating with all of the logins and passwords for different sites. Also, contact information for any/all insurance policies that we have, bank accounts, eventually a copy of our will and power of attorney will be in here too.

To Do
I have loved the Daily Docket from Simple Mom.

I am keeping things that are not schedule related here. The newsletters, the requests for things, reminders of different events at school, etc. Also a copy of the physical, vision, and dental forms that are needed for each kid for school.

Basically a list of appointments, the reasons that they went to the appointment, and the result of the appointment. I found out when we were sitting in the doctor's office every week with Jake that I needed to have a really good record of everything that had happened. It was horrible going back and trying to piece things in for the specialists that we saw. Also, I found that there was some faulty documentation in some of the files later. I think it is good to have a back up just in case something like that happens.

Check out life...your way. I love these forms. They are really nifty and I love how they look. In case you hadn't noticed I am a huge fan of the minimal look.

I have these forms that I use for different aspects of the holidays and birthdays. Honestly, I think that planning ahead is easier when you like what you are using. I love pulling things out to write on because the forms are so cute. Yes. Nerd alert. :) The forms I use for this are also from life...your way. I love that I have a list for gifts in there so if I think of something I can write it down. My memory is TERRIBLE!

I love that this can be ever evolving and changing. There are so many systems and planners that have worked for a season and then things change and suddenly what you have is obsolete. So, this has been the least frustrating way to keep things organized. The sky is the limit.

A few sites that have never failed to bring on inspiration are:

I really like to create forms that are specific to my needs as well so perusing the forms on other sites really helps me get inspired. Hopefully this has helped you a little. Either this is for you or it isn't. I happen to like seeing a book on the counter that holds my life. My biggest struggle with maintaining our home is the paper crisis that I feel is taking over my life. This is helping me fight the seemingly overwhelming situation.

*linking to Raising Homemakers.

Dear Daddy,

I think it might be time to lower the crib.


HELLO!!!!!! Apparently I forgot that kids get bigger. This will be remedied before the next nap. For sure.
Side note: I know the pictures are blurry (because he was jumping all over the place) but seriously?? Look at that face. He is his father!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As seen in the Dapelo house.

Peek a boo. He is so cute. There is about a 5 minute video that I took of him around the same time as this picture. I won't subject you all to 5 minutes of Matthew peeking around Joe, picking at the couch, rolling around on the floor and chewing on various toys but rest was AWESOME!

BEWARE! The following images may be disturbing to younger audiences....

I don't know why she does this but it is our newest battle. Along with "stop picking your nose", the most heard phrase in our house right now is "Hannah, stop chewing your toes". Seriously. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am excited to report that my mom is doing great! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

I talked to my dad after the surgery while my mom was still in recovery. They were able to do the surgery laproscopically which will decrease her recovery time exponentially. They removed the whole tumor and found that it was NOT cancerous. They only had one small complication, the tumor ruptured as they got it out so they had to do a little extra irrigation in order to prevent any infection. They are waiting for the rest of the labs to come back and confirm. She was discharged too and is back at the home that they have been staying in for this trip.

I talked to my mom last night for a while and she seems to be doing really well. She said that she was impressed at how well she was getting around. She will have an appointment tomorrow to follow-up after the surgery.

Praise God! She has come through this so well. God had his hand on her through this whole experience, from arriving in Anchorage and getting a place to stay to a clean surgery without any drama. I am so thankful for everyone praying for her. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Here is a little throwback love!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today is...

snow fun for Jake and Hannah,

being a menace for Matthew,

laundry for me,

school for Lily,

and work for Joe but I don't have a picture of him. Sorry.

What are you up to today?

The Wild West Valentine Dinner

We had the Valentine dinner on Saturday. The theme was the Wild West and Jake dressed the part for sure. He was really excited to wear the outfit he got for Christmas. He entered in the contest and actually won the prize for best dressed male. :) He got a very nice mens watch from a local jewelry store. I tried to talk him into "sharing" it with daddy but he is more interested in wearing it on his ankle. 

"Preacher Joe" participated in the Match Game along with some shady characters. It was fun to hear the answers that they all came up with. People were dying of laughter!

The dinner was delicious and we had a lot of fun visiting with people. 

On a final note:
In case you were wondering, the end of a workday for a cook in the wild west included turning the tongue of the wagon so that it was facing the north star. Just a little trivia for your enjoyment. :)


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