Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IKEA Inspiration

We went to IKEA while in Minneapolis and I have to say that I saw a plethora of things that I love. First of all, some of them are large furniture items that we probably will not buy for some time but they are on the LIST. You know, the "I really want this" list.

#1- The Hemnes bed. We have the dresser and I get that it isn't "in" to have everything matchy matchy but I really like it. The only other option would be a metal/iron bed but Joe isn't loving that idea.

#2- I love the Orgel lights. They would look so nice in the basement if there weren't any of the fantabulous flourescent lights.

Yes, I would want multiples to have them clustered like this. If only the ceiling was higher and there weren't any of the existing lights. This is the stock picture.

#3- The Besta Boas entertainment center. I would want this in the basement too. I love that all the component stuff can be in the drawers, out of sight, because of the glass front.

#4- The Expedit cubby shelving...

I really like the storage in this. I have been looking for a divider for the room and was thinking this originally but then realized that it is shorter in length than I wanted. So, that brings me to this.

#5- I found a curtain system (Kvartal) that I think would be perfect. It is essentially a track system that can go along the ceiling with curtain panels that come down. It has really clean lines, nothing fussy, and there are LOTS of options for the panels. I think that I could even pick any fabric and use it if I wanted. The pictures on the site are a little harder to see because it is in pieces instead of as a whole so you will have to rely on my scary picture. It is MUCH cuter in person. I promise.

I think that this could be pretty cute to have going almost all the way across the room and then have it pulled open when we don't need it. I love it. I just don't know if it would work in the space.

#6- The Lack shelf. I really like this. I was thinking that it may be cute in the bedroom in place of nightstands. I feel like I have seen that somewhere but I don't know where. I do really like that it keeps stuff off of the floor. We have a smaller bedroom so that is always a bonus.

The only bummer is that it seems a little long. I would like it if it was just a little shorter.

#7- The Trofast kid storage solutions. I like that there are so many different options for putting it together. I have seen it in action in a few different homes and it always looks different and ALWAYS functional. 

It is nice to be able to choose the bin colors too. I love being able to customize things to how I want them. :)
Lastly, here is a picture of one of the sample rooms that I love. So cozy!

So, that is about it for this visit. I am sure that I will die over things the next time we go. That is the joy of IKEA. 


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