Monday, February 28, 2011


I hate being negative on this blog because that isn't who I want to be and I don't want you to have to wallow in my misery with me BUT. 

I need to wallow. 

I hope you don't mind.

We are dealing with sickness. Period.

The kids are sick, now Joe is sick. I am really tired.

Took the three little ones to the doctors office today and found out that Jake is still having breathing issues due to a bronchitis type bug. Apparently the antibiotics he was on for the bronchial pneumonia a few weeks ago did NOT do the trick. He has the added pleasure of a double ear infection that made even the doctor say "wow". Not what you want to hear. Hannah is burning it up with a fever that makes me sweat from being next to her, and Matthew is congested with FOUR teeth coming in.

Hello exhaustion. Goodbye sanity.

Hello Monday.

I promise. The next post will be more fun to read.


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