Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How can it be?


I am dying here! I can't believe that he is getting so big so quick!

This is the face I get when I ask him why! It's an evil conspiracy plan and my children are plotting against me. 

So, here is the breakdown. 
  • He has TWO more teeth. I am beginning to wonder when I will be able to stop saying that.
  • He loves to try and go down the stairs. I am in constant "where is the baby?" mode.
  • He DOES NOT like to be the only child here. WHen the older ones are downstairs he hovers at the top of the stairs waiting for them to come up or begging to go down. (I realize that this makes him sound like a dog. If the shoe fits...)
  • He loves to play cars in his room with Jake. But only with Jake. When Jake is done, Matthew is done.
  • He now loves baths. It was kind of nice when this change started. Prior to this month he has had a quick scrub and then out because of the cranky, screaming attitude that is NOT my favorite. I think that he likes them now because he has figured out how to splash everyone and everything and he enjoys making people duck for cover. (He is devious like that.)
  • He is super ticklish. 
  • He likes to hang on my legs whenever I am in the kitchen since I won't let him near the dishwasher.
  • He gets "stuck" under the dining room chairs all.the.time.
  • He weighs 19 pounds and 10 ounces. I think that may put him into the biggest one of our babies category. I don't think that the others were quite 20 pounds (ssshhhhhhh, don't judge) when we switched them to forward facing but he will definitely be there when the time comes. Believe me, I am ready. The carseat is crazy heavy now. To avoid a snow suit situation I still carry the seat around. I don't think I need to say how much I am looking forward to spring and warmer weather. We will all be happier with that situation.
  • He says Mama and Dada now!
  • He has finally gotten sick. I mean really sick. Like breathing treatments every four hours, tylenol and motrin regimens, horrible nights with no sleeping, lots of screaming. He is on the upswing now so I think that we are in the clear. What a relief for all of us!
  • He LOVES to look out the window. Poor baby. I don't think he remembers what the outside world holds for him. He is going to love the warmer weather as much as I do! On that note... 

That isn't the best part though.... Check this out!

Yep. Sound asleep. One minute he's looking outside and laughing at the dog across the street, the next he is passed out cold. LOVE it!


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