Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our artiste!

We were so excited to get a note from the school saying that Lily had a piece of artwork that was chosen to be included in an all school art display at the Center for the Arts in Waterloo. She told us that she thought the one that they chose was an owl so when we got there we started looking. 

Surprisingly enough we found it almost right away!

We were really surprised. Joe and I were not anticipating that it would be so cool looking.

It was kind of high up so we had to hold her up to get a picture of her with it.

The picture does NOT do these justice. The room was pretty dark and the colors on the cd's were brilliant! They were so beautiful hanging there, spinning, and catching the light. I love it. The plastic hanger (the kind I hate) and the old cd's make for a really "green" piece of art.

Our March family picture.

They really wanted to pose next to the porpoise. Not sure why but who am I to discourage it?

I loved watching her while we were there. She was so excited to be a part of the exhibit. I can't wait to get the picture from them so that we can put it up in the basement. 


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