Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our family weekend.

We had the Wagners and my brother come on Friday night and then the Wisconsin Dapelo family on Saturday to do a little pre-birthday celebration. It is always so fun for the kids to have their cousins and for us to have our grown up siblings around.
We enjoyed visiting on Saturday and had cake and presents around lunch. I was so excited that the weather was cooperating with us and gave us a beautiful day. Joe did some grilling out on the deck and we spent almost all day enjoying the sun in the three season room. I have decided that I really need to do some work out there. It is going to be THE favorite place to hang out as the weather continues to improve.

Lily was so excited to get her cake and gifts. She got some really fun things from everyone. We gave her a camera so there will most definitely be some posts with pictures that she took. Instilling the love early here! I was given a Kindle by my loving family. I am so excited! I spent the evening last night putting free books onto it and have reached numbers in the 80's!

A friend of ours from church came over in the evening so that we could go out for a fun grown up evening. We enjoyed dinner with adults and conversation. I have kind of forgotten what it is like to eat dinner out without having to cut up food, feed, pick up the food from under the table, wipe faces, or blow on the meal of the person next to me. Aren't you glad I didn't do that Matt?? ;)

We all went to church on Sunday morning. Immediately following church the Dapelo's left for home. The rest of us headed back to the house, had lunch, played games, watched Despicable Me and then the Wagners and Johnny headed home too. We spent the rest of the day recovering from a few sleepless nights and the disaster that always seems to follow a birthday party.
Thank you all for coming! We had such a nice time!


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