Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life 2010

So, I finally took pictures of my finished book. I pulled it out yesterday and Hannah has looked at it no less than 10 times since last night. She LOVES pictures. Especially if they are of her.
Without further ado....

It got pretty thick! One thing that I will say, I like that the new edition isn't quite as thick. As you can see the spine is huge on this one. The rings are filled to capacity (in fact, they may be a little over filled because I have been having a hard time keeping all of the pages in it) and I am trying to decide if I am going to be able to keep it in this book or if I will have to transfer everything to a slightly larger binder.

I have added in A LOT more pages. I like the flexibility of putting in whatever I feel like but that has contributed to the problem noted above.

2010 is on the left and 2011 is on the right.

I am so glad that I started this. Now, to be disciplined enough to do it weekly instead of catching up every month or so. I think that the problem I am running into is that I order all my pictures online. I don't like to pay shipping so I wait for an offer before I order.

*For example: I just got a 50 free print offer from Snapfish and ordered all my pics for 2011 with that. I didn't have to pay anything!*

I am going to say it for the 465th time. I love this. I love it, I love it, I love it. When I see my kids flipping through, looking at all the things that they did last year and remembering those little moments, exclaiming about some experience that would have been forgotten, I realize that this is the reason. The reason that I look like a crazy person to some because I take so many pictures.

I document life. I own it. I love it.

I am trying to figure out a fun, quick, inexpensive way to get the previous years all done now. Rachel has gone back and done 2010 and is working on 2009. She is using Creative Memories stuff because that is what she has on hand. I am all about using up what is stashed but have found that I do not have anything I can use. I buy and use so there hasn't been any carryover. Becky Higgins is going backwards and doing the digital version. I love what she has done and I LOVE that she has made a copy for each of her kids. So fun! They will love those later. I am a paper person. I like being able to throw in an extra page protector or five and put in stuff from school, from a trip, etc. I like that I can make it cover every aspect of life, not just pictures. Ali Edwards has hers sitting on the counter with a photo printer so that she prints pictures and puts them in then and there. No excuses. She didn't finish it last year so she made changes to how she does it so that she will finish it this year. I love it.

I found the Recollections binder a few years ago at Michaels. I love them. I got it with a coupon and it was under $15. They have them in so many colors. I prefer the brown but they are all lovely.  There are also these binders made by We R Memory Keepers. They come in all colors and have the whole faux leather thing going on. The Becky Higgins Binders run about $12.99 on Amazon.
Page protectors are easy to find. Almost any scrapbooking store carries page protectors that have the photo pockets. For what I want to use them for I think that the best deal is on the Becky Higgins ones for $6.99 for 12 or the We R Memory Keepers 10 pack, multi pack for $6.58. I like the Becky Higgins product because it fits the journaling cards that she also sells. They are plain white with a light grid design on them so that my writing doesn't run off of the page. (Always an issue for me!) Those run $3.99 for a box of 100. So, once it is all added up I think that it is more economical to actually buy a kit. Even though I like the idea of being able to make every year look different, cheaper usually wins out for me. Total for putting a kit together myself would be over $70 and I can buy a kit for $52.99. Not to mention that there are all kinds of little extras in the kit like the dividers for the months, the papers, the stickers, the stamp (although, now I have 2) and the extra larger journaling cards or the heading cards.

Ultimately I think that any books I do for past years will have to be on a weekly or even monthly basis since I wasn't doing a picture a day at that point. That is fine too though. I just want them put together and out so that the kids can look through them instead of all those pictures being locked up on the computer. I want them to remember more than just the fun trips that we went on. :)


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