Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Life- Week 14

So, I decided to do this week a little differently. Let me know what you prefer...

Sunday: Jake was acting really tired. He kept insisting that he wanted me to take his picture so I just set the camera down on the floor and clicked the button. It actually turned out pretty clear.

Monday: Rachael came over to play with the kids today. They had so much fun playing with chalk in the driveway. She was a huge help too. She helped Jake get his room clean and helped get Lily started on hers. Elena came over later on and they played hopscotch in the driveway. 

Tuesday: Daisy meeting today. They worked on two more of the petals. That brings the count up to 3 petals and the center earned. She is so excited! 
They did a bird feeder and a poster for their activities. 

Wednesday: I had Harper here playing with the kids today. They had lots of fun. I love having kids come over. It keeps my kids so happy! Later we had the Lenten dinner and service. I love Lent! It is one less meal to cook.

Thursday: This is what happens when you have two sisters and a brother who goes along with whatever the aforementioned sisters do. Poor Matthew. He is in a dress, a tiara and is also sporting a scarf as a cape. Clearly he is not too disturbed by it.

Friday: Harper, Linsey, and Stephanie as came over today. We decided to take them the McDonalds to play for a little bit at the play place. Shown below is Harper and Jake. She has decided that she loves him and he is all over it. There was even a kiss involved. It's a done deal!

Saturday: It was just one of those out of control days. Hannah had gymnastics and Lily had a cookie booth to man at the same time in different parts of town. We divided and conquered. Joe took Hannah and Jake, I had Lily and Matthew. As soon as gymnastics was done he dropped them off with me and raced away to go and do a funeral for someone. After the funeral he headed back and got Hannah and Jake and took them home while we packed up the remaining few boxes of cookies. They did REALLY well! Jake was actually one of the best salesmen on the Daisy team! So fun. We spent the rest of the day out in the yard since the weather was awesome!

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