Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Life- Week 15

Here we are! Week 15. We had a crazy week with the last week of the play practice and the 3 showings and of course the preparations for Holy Week.

Sunday- Lily got this cute outfit from her California grandparents. It was burning a hole in her closet. She got it yesterday and had to wear it today. Jake insisted that he had to have his picture taken "for Gramma and Papa."

Monday- They were all super excited that they got a second package from Auntie Esther. They loved their outfits! Thank you.

Tuesday- I love these kids. They are so sweet with their baby brother!

Wednesday- Here's Hannah with her mad skills. She is learning how to make her shapes right now and is obsessed with the heart.

Thursday- Australia shirts. I put Matthew's on him and then one by one they all put theirs on. It was so cute to see them all

Friday- Joe had his first show and we just spent the day hanging out. After he got home we were still in the midst of movie night so we busted out the ice cream while the "men" showed off their mad skills with balancing a spoon on their nose. Matthew was passed out cold so he wasn't able to participate much to Jake's chagrin.

Saturday- It snowed today! Unbelievable. Spring, where are you?? Gymnastics, the second show, the kids went over to a friends house and we headed back out for the third show. It was so fun. I was at a table with Prince of Peace people and we had a little too much fun being the "problem" table. The food was delicious and the show was funny. It was a really fun evening. We headed out the the OP for the cast party afterwards and then got the kids, headed home and passed out.

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