Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life-Week 16

Sunday: Palm Sunday! The kids were freaking out with excitement that they could play with the palm branches. They all processed in with the choir, laid the branches down and then ran back, in Hannah's case screaming. She did NOT want to leave the branch up by the alter.

Monday:  Lily decided that she wanted to channel a mustachioed dude. We fortunately got it off using a little eye makeup remover. 

Tuesday: Lily had her spring concert today. It was really fun to hear all the songs that they have been working on. We enjoyed meeting some of her friends as well.

Wednesday: It was hysterical watching Matthew and Hannah trying to play with the leapsters. She was trying to show Matthew how to play!

Thursday: I have been leaving my coffee in the microwave recently. Joe left me a note in it this last time. It says...
"Here's your coffee Margaret!!!"
My mom always leaves her coffee in the microwave and then forgets about it until she starts wondering where it is.

Friday: No school today for Lily. We spent the day shopping and finished out the day with the Good Friday service.

Saturday: Hanging out, getting ready for Easter, cleaning up. Just a normal day for the most part.

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