Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daisy Lily

The last Daisy meeting of the year was today. The girls have earned ALL of the petals now. They were all so excited that they are done with that now and can focus on fun patches instead.
For the last meeting we went and picked up trash at the local playground. It was kind of disgusting to see the amount of stuff they had in their bags. Seriously people! How hard is it to pick up your garbage when you are done with it?? They even found a lot of change underneath the tire swing. Just a little bonus! :)
After the trash was picked up they were all treated to an ice cream treat at 4 Queens. Yum! We all enjoyed that part of the day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Life- Week 21

5.22.11- Enjoying a little moment with Uncle Josh and Auntie Ruthie. We drove up for his graduation right after church. It was so nice seeing the Dahls, Brodersons, and Wagners. LOVE family!

5.23.11- On our way home on Monday we went through Mason City where the movie The Music Man was filmed. So fun!

5.24.11- Just a little sneaky peek into Lily's classroom. They were talking about bugs.

5.25.11- Matthew's new favorite pastime. Playing the cymbals with the lids from the pots and pans. At least once daily he can be found in front of this cabinet.

5.26.11- Jake's last day of school. There was a picnic in the park. This is Mrs. Limback, his teacher. She is WONDERFUL!

5.27.11- We went to Milwaukee for the Giants/Brewers game. The Giants won!

5.28.11- Celebrating Lauren's 5th birthday was a blast. The kids had so much fun. After the party we headed home. It has been a LOOOOONG week!

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Happy birthday Lo Jo!

Madeline showing off her skills.

Jake playing in the playhouse. They all LOVED that there was a doorbell on it.

The birthday girl. WOW!

Eating some lunch.

Doing crafts outside.

Lily with Lauren. Hannah was angry that she didn't get a present so she wouldn't get in the picture.

Matthew and Miss. Youngest and oldest of the grandkids. He was loving the balloon and she was nice enough to play with him.

The hairbrushing fetish continues. He was brushing Madeline's hair with the dog brush. I don't think that she knew it was the dog brush. Ooops.

It was a fun day and we were sorry to have to leave. Thanks for having us. Happy birthday to Lauren! 5 years old now!

Lets go Giants, lets GO!

What a fun game! Giants won, thank you grand slam by Brandon Crawford. That was awesome! The kids were running around wild so we are thankful for all the empty seats around us. We didn't tailgate because hotdogs were only $1. Yum. Love me some ballpark hotdogs! Matthew got lots of wandering time thanks to Uncle Matt. They went for a little walk and came back quite awhile later with Matthew out cold. Fun, fun night. Thanks Wisdaps. We'll have to do it again soon!

Jake's last day of school.

Jake had a picnic on his last day. Joe met up with him there after a hospital visit and was able to get a ton of pictures of him with his friends. He was so excited about the whole day when he came home. They apparently had a fabulous time. He is really excited that summer vacation has started but is eagerly anticipating the beginning of school already. He can't wait to see Mrs. Limback and Mrs. Grim again in the fall!

Poor baby

Matthew fell in the driveway after Lily ran over him with her bike and sat up with blood covering his face. After washing it all off I found that it was only his lip that was bleeding. Then, right in front of my eyes his lip kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. By the time he went to bed it was ginormous. It looked bigger than his nose. I figured that by morning he would look better but it actually looked even worse when he woke up. Fortunately by afternoon it was going down and he was able to start eating more normally. It is almost completely back to normal now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our trip to MN.

This is what our car looks like for a 3 1/2 hour drive.

This face was not this happy the entire trip. He decided he was done about 20 minutes out. Yep, that was fun!

Hey, hey. Aunt Kat and myself. This is the first time I have seen her since Ruthie's wedding. I  know! Outrageous!

There were lots of games. Lots!

Jake and Auntie Ruthie. They were rocking the Dutch Blitz! LOVE that game. Every time we play I remember how much I love it.

Sadly this is the only other picture that I got of the man of the hour. Things were so crazy. I didn't actually pull out my camera until things had calmed down and by then I wasn't even thinking about getting the "normal" pictures.

We stopped here on our way home and found some exciting stuff...

Exhibit A: The water tower. Can you guess where we stopped?

Exhibit B: Can you guess now?

Exhibit C: How about now??

If you guessed River City, IA you would be wrong.

Sort of.

We stopped in Mason City where they filmed The Music Man. This is definitely a place that we are going to go back to. We only went into the McDonalds to use the little girls/boys room and I have to say that it was very hard to drive away knowing that there was an ice cream shop that was calling my name.

 It was really fun. There were some tables that had designs on them from the movie, all kinds of memorabilia, photos scattered throughout. I loved the water tower. So fun.

Can't wait to check it all out.

Congratulations Josh! It is a great accomplishment to be done with college. We had a great time!


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