Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 Months.

Here he is at the doctor for an ear infection. It is the second one in the last few months. He is pretty miserable but seems to be doing better now. We did find out that he is a little over 21 pounds now.

All he wants to do right now is pull himself up on everything. The tricycles are a big love because they move once he gets up. He loves walking around behind it.

He has one more tooth now. He looks a little funny with only the three on the bottom but I am sure that the fourth isn't far off.

He doesn't love the grass. I don't like to put him on the driveway too much because everything goes right into his mouth. All the gravel on the driveway makes it really hard to keep him safe. I love watching him on the grass because he doesn't like it touching his skin. 

He has so much love for life. He is into everything! He loves the dishwasher. He tries really hard to be involved in every single thing going on around him. He is such a smart baby. I know that every mother says that about her kids but it is true. He is smart. He is quick to figure things out.

This is his most recent trick. He loves acting like a monkey! He can't ever be left alone. EVER!
Yes. He did it all alone.

Love him!


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