Saturday, May 14, 2011


Joe and Lily had a conversation a few weeks ago regarding college. It came up again this morning when we were talking about the graduation of Uncle Josh. The conversation last week resulted in Lily deciding that college was not something that she was interested in pursuing. Why? A very good reason.

There is no recess.

That's right folks. She is planning to skip college because school without recess is unthinkable!

So, in our conversation today we were talking about the upcoming graduation and she reminded us that she was not going to be attending. We asked her what she was going to do when she grew up and she said that she wanted to be a teacher. I informed her that teachers have to go to college. Doh! She changed her mind to a police officer. Same answer... 

Finally after much thought she said that she wanted to be a....

wait for it.......


"Moms don't have to go to college. I will be a mom."

When I figure out how to respond to that I will let you know. 

The end.


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