Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our trip to MN.

This is what our car looks like for a 3 1/2 hour drive.

This face was not this happy the entire trip. He decided he was done about 20 minutes out. Yep, that was fun!

Hey, hey. Aunt Kat and myself. This is the first time I have seen her since Ruthie's wedding. I  know! Outrageous!

There were lots of games. Lots!

Jake and Auntie Ruthie. They were rocking the Dutch Blitz! LOVE that game. Every time we play I remember how much I love it.

Sadly this is the only other picture that I got of the man of the hour. Things were so crazy. I didn't actually pull out my camera until things had calmed down and by then I wasn't even thinking about getting the "normal" pictures.

We stopped here on our way home and found some exciting stuff...

Exhibit A: The water tower. Can you guess where we stopped?

Exhibit B: Can you guess now?

Exhibit C: How about now??

If you guessed River City, IA you would be wrong.

Sort of.

We stopped in Mason City where they filmed The Music Man. This is definitely a place that we are going to go back to. We only went into the McDonalds to use the little girls/boys room and I have to say that it was very hard to drive away knowing that there was an ice cream shop that was calling my name.

 It was really fun. There were some tables that had designs on them from the movie, all kinds of memorabilia, photos scattered throughout. I loved the water tower. So fun.

Can't wait to check it all out.

Congratulations Josh! It is a great accomplishment to be done with college. We had a great time!


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