Thursday, June 30, 2011

Door to door


The girls drew a bunch of pictures and then decided that they wanted to pass them out door to door. The original plan was that they wanted to sell them but settled on giving them away.

A sample of the wares.

They had so much fun!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Random looks at life...

The sign of summer fun. 

What it means to have annoying sisters.

Waiting patiently for the mailman to leave so that they can all run like mad to get the mail first.

Matthew was here.

Project Life-Week 25

Can you believe that we are 25 weeks in? I can't. 


Full spread.

First half of the week.

Second half of the week.

I have probably blogged the story for every single one of these pictures this week so no need to elaborate on that. I am loving that as of now all the pictures are printed and all the journaling is done to date. :) 
I love that I am staying more on top of it this year. This weekly post is definitely a HUGE help.

Ali Edwards is doing a little project called A Week in the Life. I have been dying to give it a try for the past two years. I just feel like the amount of work it will be is daunting on top of everything else that I have going on. I was all set to do it this year and then realized that it will be our vacation week that she is doing it. So, I am currently contemplating waiting until next year or going ahead with this year and just picking a different week. The jury is still out. Feel free to drop your suggestion. I don't hate comments. In fact, I rather like them. :)

Linking up to GitzenGirl and NaptimeMomTog. Go check them out and enjoy all the Project Life eye candy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The kids just started a reading program at our local library. They got started a little late (like a week) but have already made up the week that they missed and are now working on this weeks reading.

Basically this is all we are doing.

Lots and lots and lots of reading. They get to color in a little picture for every 15 minutes that they read/are read to and then at the end of the week they get some kind of treat if they have done enough. There is also some kind of craft/project during the week that they get to participate it. 

I can't say enough about library programs during the summer. The programs are a huge help in keeping the kids entertained and motivated during the summer. 

LOVE them!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Most recently one of his favorite things to do is to try and eat toothpaste. He goes into the bathroom, climbs up on the stool and digs through the drawer until he finds it.

Clearly the bathroom drawer needs to have a lock put on it ASAP!

In the meantime, his breath is smelling minty fresh.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is what happens when I start the vacuum. 

Everyone jumps straight up onto the couch.

Some cry.

Some complain. 

Some laugh.

Mostly, they all just beg for it to be over.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Haircut time!

Matthew just got his first haircut!

I know it probably doesn't look like a lot but his little wings got cut off and the back got trimmed up. 

He was a really good boy for the haircut. He started to get a little fidgety so they brought a sucker for him to enjoy. It was a HUGE mess!

He is such a cutie. It isn't a huge, drastic change or anything but I can really tell that it is all cut. It is just one more step to making him look more like a big boy. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!


I love this man.

Happy Fathers Day honey. I love you.


I love you Daddy. You taught me what to look for in a partner by being an example. Thank you so much. 


I love you Dad. You raised your son to be my hero. Thank you so much.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Life-Week 24

6.12.11- Saying goodbye to Johnny and Casey. You guys were awesome for coming and we miss you so much already.

6.13.11- I actually don't have a picture from Monday because we were all tied up with dr appts and sick kids so I am going to used one from yesterday. We ran out to some friends home for dinner and some relaxation. The boys decided to hit the ball around in the backyard, almost breading a few windows.

6.14.11- Obviously you know all about this if you follow my blog. If you don't... #3 child in hospital.

6.15.11- Sweet sister love.

6.16.11- Coming home from the hospital, Jake's first t-ball game, and WOL Bible Study. Whew. Need a nap now. :)

6.17.11- Relay for Life. We went, walked a little, fed the kids, Rachael and Amy came to hang out with them while Joe and I met with some other friends for dinner at Red Lobster. My first time ever. It was tasty!

6.18.11- Father/Son brunch at the church. Joe took Jake while I took the other three to Hannah's gymnastics practice.

First T-Ball "Game"

We had Jakes first scrimmage or game (whatever you want to call it) on Thursday after Hannah came home from the hospital. It was kind of chaotic.

We did pictures too.

Jake and his friend Olivia. They were in preschool together and he was ecstatic to find out that they were  in tball together too.

The team shot.

The sad face. He was expressing his displeasure with not being able to skip the game and play on the playground with his sisters.

Matthew just chilling in the stroller. It didn't last long. Trust me.

Seriously. So cute!

The grass is always greener. Matthew was desperately trying to figure out how to get in there with Jake and the rest of the team. He had no interest in playing on the playground.

And he hits!

Here is the naughty one entertaining himself and me. 

Yes, I did have to get him unstuck. 

No, he was NOT happy about it.

Yes, he tried to do it again. Clearly there was no lesson learned from this experience.

The much desired playground. 

If you look carefully you can see the ball too.

His own little cheerleading squad.

Running the bases.

I found that I am a terrible mother. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It felt like it dragged on forever and part of that may have been because I was chasing Matthew around. It just wasn't that exciting to watch. 
The kids were all really cute though and there were some really funny moments during the game. 

Tips for surviving a hospital visit.

Make sure that you have....

#1. Lots of reading material and a cell phone.

#2. Lots of caffeine and more reading options.

#3. Lots of kiddie movies.

#4. Some kind of project to work on if the stay is longer than a day. My eyes felt like sand had been poured into them from reading so much. It was a nice break for my brain when I worked on my catch up Project Life album. 

#5. Coloring supplies.

#6. Books for the invalid.

#7. The whiteboard in the room. She LOVED making me draw all kinds of pictures on there.

#8. People who visit and/or send gifts. Thank you Amy and Rachael, Val and Carter, Sue, and Mama, Daddy and Esther. You guys are awesome. You made it not so awful for her and for me.

#9. Big brothers who come to visit and then spend the entire visit playing Playstation 3 (Lego Star Wars).

#10. Last but definitely not least... fabulous nurses! This is Diane... She is awesome. End of story.


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