Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banana BooBoo. Part One.

I took Miss Hannah in to get checked out for a cough on Monday morning and found out that she had pneumonia. She took a long nap after getting her antibiotic and then when she woke up she had a RAGING fever. After numerous phone calls to the on-call nurse I felt comfortable enough to keep her home overnight. 

I took her in on Tuesday per instruction and they did a direct admit into the hospital because she was severely dehydrated. The picture below is after they pushed three bags of saline into her veins and had started the fourth with a potassium solution.

She was really upset when she found out that she was going to have to stay the night there. She wanted to go home and didn't understand the whole stay in the hospital thing. It got even worse once the kids and Joe came by to visit her because she wanted to go home with "my friends".

Reading all of her get well "cards" from Jake and Lily.

One of her brief little cat naps pre-fever spike.

The Hugs tag that kept going off constantly throughout our stay. On the last day they came in and cut it off because it kept sounding the siren.

On the IV and the little thumb light (pulse ox). She was chilling and angry and sad and scared all at the same time. She covered her head and refused to talk to anyone after all the prodding and poking. Poor baby.

When they put in the IV she was so out of it that the tears just rolled down her cheeks but she didn't really cry or fight at all. I felt so horrible. She was so pathetic.

It was a really rough night. The nurses were in constantly checking her temp because they were having a hard time keeping it reasonable. She wasn't allowed to use her blankie and that made her really sad. :(

By morning she was doing a little better. She got some sleep in the morning to make up for all the sleep she didn't get at night.


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