Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banana BooBoo. Part Two.

Watching endless hours of Barney. It was on a loop. All night and all morning. 
'Nuff said.

Mustering a smile for the camera.

This is a genuine smile. She was so excited to see Lily who apparently pouted all night because she missed her Hannah.

I love them. 

Big sloppy puddle over here!

And again. Just pick me up off of the floor with a spoon.

Some friends from church came to visit her at the hospital and brought her these balloons. She was so happy to get them. She insisted that they stay in bed with her from that point on.

Notice the cracker crumbs all over her chest?? She finally showed interest in eating on Wednesday afternoon. We started her out with Jello and she did NOT like that at all so we switched to Ritz crackers and that was a favorite. She ate tons of them.

She ripped out her IV in the afternoon after her bath. It was severely traumatizing and I begged the nurses to let me try to force her to drink before they put it back in. She fought me a little until I reminded her how much the IV hurt going in.

Cheerios for breakfast on Thursday morning. She kept them down! It was at this moment that I knew that we would be going home.

More crackers. The juice in the cup was drunk unwillingly in the middle of the night once she tapped out their chocolate milk supply.

She had to wear socks because her feet were cold when she went to the bathroom. She loved that Cinderella was on them.


Reading more books.

Playing in the playroom. She was so happy to be out of the tiny little room that they put her in.

Checking out the helipad.

The hours and hours of Fancy Nancy. Reading books to the demanding little tyrant was kind of fun.

Spending a little time coloring in her new book. This was post IV rip out.

Cracker? I will share this one since I have already eaten about 40.

All she would drink while we were there was chocolate milk. I couldn't get her to try anything else. Everything was too "yucky".


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