Monday, June 6, 2011

Project Life- Week 22

5.29.11- This is actually an older picture that never made it into the book. I love that Matthew is sitting in the sink. You really forget how little they are. Matthew has a thing for eating dirt right now so I snapped this picture of something that we have to do with him almost daily when he comes back in from outside. 

5.30.11-This has been a really bad week for meals for us. We have been so busy between dance and tball and different church stuff that meal planning kind of flew out the window.  We had the oh so healthy mac and cheese, a few nights of takeout and lots of leftovers. Hopefully next week will be a lot better. 

5.31.11- Lily's last Daisy meeting for the school year. On to summer fun!

6.1.11- Jake got his fillings done today. We also had a little run in with the tornado siren at the park. NOT fun!

6.2.11- Last day of school for Lily. We celebrated with a movie night and a little trip to 4 Queens.

6.3.11- Lots of fun in the sun. The kids have been getting swimsuits on and running through the sprinkler and playing in the little kiddie/wading pool.

6.4.11- Hannah spiked a fever so she spent the afternoon doing this. Nothing else, just this. Poor baby!


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