Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project Life-Week 23

6.5.11- Dying. Somehow the air hasn't been working. It was set to 75 and didn't drop below 81. This went on all week. It was a significant improvement to the outdoors but still... HOT.

6.6.11- Just taking a few minutes to cuddle with Daddy after playing outside in a swimsuit all day.

6.7.11- Matthew couldn't get enough sippy cups. He had three going at the same time for a little bit and screamed like a banshee when any of them got taken away. It was comical.

6.8.11- These kids just can't get enough playtime in water.

6.9.11- No one wanted to go outside with the record breaking heat that we have been having so they opted to finish coloring the box that Joe's bike came in. It kept them all busy for a very LONG time.

6.10.11- Dress rehearsal for the show. I spent the time backstage helping with costume changes for 30+ 2-7 year olds. It was awesome. 

6.11.11- The big night. The Great Migration. She did GREAT!


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