Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Life-Week 24

6.12.11- Saying goodbye to Johnny and Casey. You guys were awesome for coming and we miss you so much already.

6.13.11- I actually don't have a picture from Monday because we were all tied up with dr appts and sick kids so I am going to used one from yesterday. We ran out to some friends home for dinner and some relaxation. The boys decided to hit the ball around in the backyard, almost breading a few windows.

6.14.11- Obviously you know all about this if you follow my blog. If you don't... #3 child in hospital.

6.15.11- Sweet sister love.

6.16.11- Coming home from the hospital, Jake's first t-ball game, and WOL Bible Study. Whew. Need a nap now. :)

6.17.11- Relay for Life. We went, walked a little, fed the kids, Rachael and Amy came to hang out with them while Joe and I met with some other friends for dinner at Red Lobster. My first time ever. It was tasty!

6.18.11- Father/Son brunch at the church. Joe took Jake while I took the other three to Hannah's gymnastics practice.


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