Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Life-Week 25

Can you believe that we are 25 weeks in? I can't. 


Full spread.

First half of the week.

Second half of the week.

I have probably blogged the story for every single one of these pictures this week so no need to elaborate on that. I am loving that as of now all the pictures are printed and all the journaling is done to date. :) 
I love that I am staying more on top of it this year. This weekly post is definitely a HUGE help.

Ali Edwards is doing a little project called A Week in the Life. I have been dying to give it a try for the past two years. I just feel like the amount of work it will be is daunting on top of everything else that I have going on. I was all set to do it this year and then realized that it will be our vacation week that she is doing it. So, I am currently contemplating waiting until next year or going ahead with this year and just picking a different week. The jury is still out. Feel free to drop your suggestion. I don't hate comments. In fact, I rather like them. :)

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