Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tips for surviving a hospital visit.

Make sure that you have....

#1. Lots of reading material and a cell phone.

#2. Lots of caffeine and more reading options.

#3. Lots of kiddie movies.

#4. Some kind of project to work on if the stay is longer than a day. My eyes felt like sand had been poured into them from reading so much. It was a nice break for my brain when I worked on my catch up Project Life album. 

#5. Coloring supplies.

#6. Books for the invalid.

#7. The whiteboard in the room. She LOVED making me draw all kinds of pictures on there.

#8. People who visit and/or send gifts. Thank you Amy and Rachael, Val and Carter, Sue, and Mama, Daddy and Esther. You guys are awesome. You made it not so awful for her and for me.

#9. Big brothers who come to visit and then spend the entire visit playing Playstation 3 (Lego Star Wars).

#10. Last but definitely not least... fabulous nurses! This is Diane... She is awesome. End of story.


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