Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Trip #1 (Part 2)-Mississippi River Museum

We had a little picnic at a park in Dyersville. It was so fun. We sent the kids off to play for a little bit before loading up in the car and heading out to Dubuque.

This snake was freaking me out. Lily was moving her finger across the glass and the snake was following it everywhere she moved it. Not ok.

After the whole snake thing Lily tried to get a fish to follow her finger. It didn't work out as well. Apparently that snake thought she was pretty awesome.

Hannah was literally all over this fox fur. She kept talking about how soft it was. 

Hanging out "on" Dubuque.

Visiting with Mark Twain. Yes, he is actually reading Huckleberry Fin.

Awww, cute baby. He loved holding his gramma's hand.

These were crazy!

Lily showing her skillz.

Matthew and Hannah playing in the water. It was so educational! Joe and I were loving all of the little educational factoids and tricks that they had for the kids.

The fam.

All in all, fun day. Definitely one to repeat sometime.


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